We can provide assistance and counseling for families who are moving their senior parent(s) from one home to the next. The tasks of moving are vast, and they can be especially difficult for adult children who are too busy or far away to help their parent(s) through the process. We can provide services to your parent(s) or loved one in order to ease the difficulties of transition and moving.

Transition: the course of action whereby one downsizes their personal belongings and decides what will accompany them to their new location. We can assist in this difficult decision making process in order to reduce your worry while your parent(s) prepares for a new lifestyle.

After preparations are made for a new lifestyle, we can coordinate the Move Management. This involves corresponding with downsizing, packing, moving, shipping and storage companies in order to facilitate a successful moving day. With our help, your family member can be set up in their new home in a timely and orderly fashion.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs and abilities of seniors. Our communication lines are always open.

Book a Free Initial Consultation for your parent(s) in order to get more information about what Seniors’ Next Move can do for you.