Seniors’ Next Move can provide assistance to your client when they are moving from one home to the next. The tasks of moving are vast, and often deal with areas and networks not associated with Lawyers. Using us as a resource, we can ensure that your client has less stress when dealing with their Transition and Move Management.

We will help your client through the Transition of moving from their home to the next phase of their life.  We can help to downsize your client’s personal belongings and help them to decide what will accompany them to their new location.  After preparations are made for a new lifestyle, we can assist with coordinating their Move Management. This involves corresponding with packing, moving, shipping and storage companies in order to facilitate their moving day. With our help, your client can be set up in his or her new home in a timely and orderly fashion.

We can assist your client by giving them assistance to prepare their property to list, assist with downsizing their belongings, repairs to their home, helping with packers & movers to helping them to settle into your new home.

Our services are custom tailored to the unique needs and abilities of each individual senior. In order to best serve you and your client please book a Free Initial Consultation with your senior client to get more information about what Seniors’ Next Move can do for you.