Why Use Seniors' Real Estate Vancouver?

By combining an existing successful Real Estate practice with prior experience and devotion to helping seniors, we are becoming the face of Vancouver Seniors’ Real Estate. Seniors' Real Estate Vancouver is the right Real Estate choice for any mature or senior person, 60+. We are trained, experienced, knowledgeable and eager to help guide you through the potentially challenging period of buying and selling in later life.

Experience with Seniors

This is not the first senior centered business run by Bonnie Bryant; she has helped seniors transition in a prior business. Bonnie understands what is involved in this stage of life of a Senior. She is patient, will listen and communicates in a manner that is kind, clear and inclusive.

Experience with Vancouver Real Estate

Bonnie Bryant is a well-established realtor in Vancouver. With years of experience and success, she has built a network of clients based on reputation and referrals. Bonnie has learned the intricacies of marketing; utilizing web based promotion, social media, data bases/mailing lists, and unique advertising plans for each property she markets. Bonnie has built her success by operating with a strong code of ethics and integrity, communicating openly with clients, creating trust and building lasting relationships. Because of this, her clients are eager to remain with Bonnie during future transactions and they refer her services to colleagues, family and friends. Bonnie is very eager and excited to combine these skills with prior skills she developed working with Seniors.